Nails Enhancements

Full-Set of Acrylic Nails $50 & up
Fill-In of Acrylic $40 & up
Full-Set of Pink & White $65 & up
Fill-In of Pink Powder $45 & up
SNS Full-Set $50 & up
SNS Ombre $65 & up

Enummi Deluxe Pedicures & Manicure

Enummi Manicure $25

A classic manicure where your nails are trimmed and shaped and your cuticles are groomed and conditioned. Hands and lower arms are massaged with hydrating lotion and your nails are polished with a color of your choice.

Enummi Gel Manicure (Shellac) $40

An extension of our Basic Manicure with Gel as the color of your choice. Gel delivers up to 1 day of flawless wear, superior color, and mirror shine with zero dry-time. Gel is the true innovation of chip-tree, extended-wear nail color.

Voesh Collagen Treatment for Hands $15

This treatment is enriched with Collagen and Shea Butter, ultra nutritious moisturizer penetrates quickly to protect, nourish, and moisturize hands. Shea Butter, argan oil and vegetable oil blended with collagen to ultimately create effective skincare. Gloves are made the dual layer of biodegradable material which provides 99% UV protection.

Enummi Manicure & Pedicure $60
Nature's Retreat Pedicure $50

This treatment offers a luxurious apricot seed body scrub mixture with exotic tropical fruit ingredients that will exfoliate and enrich your skin. Then a lower leg massage with a detoxifier and stimulating enummi cooling gel will give you a calming and enlivening massage experience to relieve leg achiness & soreness after a long day at work. Extra attention to dry and cracked heels with natural healing proprieties of jojoba esters foot treatment creme.

Finish with a white tea extract intensive body lotion that will wonderfully envelop all ingredients leaving your skin feeling fresh Regular polish of your choice.

The Ultimate Indulgence Pedicure $65

An ultimate natural treatment including rich natural oils and aloe blend in apricot seed body scrub to gently exfoliate and reveal smooth glowing skin.

Followed by a deep soothing sensation leg massage with a cooling gel that will take away the stress and tiredness.

Enjoy a layer of featured treatment with mineral marine mud mask rich in proteins and nutrients that will delicately adhere to your skin's surface and pull impurity from the pores while toning and tightening your skin's elasticity.

Designed to the contrast between cooling massage, the aquatic marine mud, and hot towel wrap, this treatment will give you a sensation and peaceful feeling.

Extra attention to the heels with a formula featuring a powerful combination of tonic essential oils and rich emollients to give your heels a silky smooth feeling.

Then we top it off with concentrated Vitamin A, E, F, Cocoa seed butter and an amazing collection of natural oils to supply oxygen to the skin, hydrating and nourishing skin texture at the same time.

Regular polish of your choice.

Brisa Detox Pedicure And Hand Detox Treatment $85

Brisa Detox Pedicure can help reduce water retention in your legs and improve blood circulation. The combination of Detox Tea4Life, Brisa Essential Oil blend and Moss Marine Mask will pull out impurities and excess water through your pores.

Classic Pedicure $40


Eyebrow $12
Lip $10
Sideburns $20
Chin $15 & up
Underarm $30 & up
Full Face $40 & up
Full Arm $50 & up
Half Arm $35 & up
Full Leg $60 & up
Half Leg $45 & up
Back $50 & up
Chest $50 & up
Bikini $45 & up
Brazilian $65 & up

Lashes Extension Services

Mink Lashes Extension $160 & up
Mink Lashes Refills $85 & up

Add-On Services

Acrylic Take Off w/Manicure $35
Gel Polish on Enhancements $15 & up
Polish Change on Hands $15 & up
Polish Change on Feet $20 & up
Nails Repair $5 & up
Nails Art (2) $6 & up